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USPCA - Uganda Animal Shelter

USPCA how you can help Uganda’s only animal shelter article  by: Emily Callaghan | Photo’s by:Tana Allard-Ruiz

The USPCA is Uganda’s only animal shelter, an entirely donor-funded safe haven to 200+ puppies, kittens, dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes.

The animal shelter also houses a veterinary clinic for private clients and as a retail store for imported and locally-made collars, leads, beds, and toys. SPCA also brings lifesaving directly to the communities that need it most with mobile clinics, providing vaccinations and medical treatment to pets who lack access to veterinary care.

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Wanting some time with a furry friend, for an hour or a decade? Wanting to help the vulnerable population of animals that can’t speak for themselves? Here’s how you can support us: 


The animal shelter is home to animals of different sizes, ages, temperaments, colors and shapes, each with a different personality and a lot of love to give. Want a barker? We’ve got plenty. Want a mellow friend who prefers to relax? Stop by and meet them. Want a family-friendly pet? We have many happy friends ready to play fetch, explore and play with children. Want a sweet puppy or kitten? We’re the place for you.

Based on your lifestyle, schedule, and living arrangements, shelter staff will help you find the best fit.

USPCA - Uganda Animal Shelter



Pet foster parents open their homes and hearts to animals in need to free up space in the shelter. Foster parents care for their furry friends as they would their own pet: providing food, shelter, companionship and exercise, also arranging for any pre-approved veterinary care.

Foster parents are asked to help the animal find a happy, permanent home (from posting on Expat Groups, sharing in your own personal/professional network, etc.) with the support of the USPCA.

Pets ideal for fostering include moms with puppies/kittens, orphaned puppies/kittens older adults, underweight pets, those nervous at the shelter & friends recovering from basic illness. Shelter staff will help you find the best fit based on your experience with animals, schedule, desired level of care and living arrangements.

Want to support our work and open to your home to a furry friend but don’t know how long you’ll be in Uganda? Consider giving a senior dog the sanctuary of a peaceful home for the duration of your stay.


The USPCA is greatly supported by its dedicated volunteers.​ Whether once, monthly, weekly or daily, we welcome help of all kinds, from direct animal care (cuddling, walking, grooming: you pick) to administrative work to handyman support around the shelter.

Our mission is to rescue. Our hope is that one day, we won’t have to.Unknown


The USPCA is happy to accept in-kind and monetary donations. If you have blankets, towels, newspaper, dog/cat food, holding crates or animal supplies to give, send them our way.

Want to offer a one-time or monthly amount to support our efforts? We’d be thrilled.

Individuals coming from out-of-country are urged to bring puppy and kitten formula—not available locally—in their suitcase to give our youngest residents a fighting chance at survival.

two cats at the USPCA



Organizations can donate once or choose to partner with the USPCA on an ongoing basis based on budget and desired impact.

Whether with in-kind donations or monetary contributions, partners directly impact the wellbeing of our area’s most vulnerable animals and make this critical mission possible.

The USPCA has an ongoing “wishlist,” including physical items such as transport crates, and also collects funds for rent, the dedicated staff’s salaries, utilities and community clinic/outreach programs. The USPCA team will work with your budget and goals to find the easiest and most fulfilling way for your organization to help.

The USPCA is happy to offer audited records, reports on the usage of funds/materials donated, and to publicize corporate donors’ efforts at events and via local marketing.

Consider joining us
Mobile: +256 789 369 997
+256 772 403 789
Website: www.uganda-spca.org
Facebook: @USPCA


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