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The 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant (Yes It Revolves) Review by The Eye.

The 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala is the subject of this month’s review. The restaurant opened around the time of CHOGM and the restaurant is worth a visit, even if only to enjoy a sundowner while enjoying the best panoramic view of Kampala’s city.

On arrival, the hotel staff welcomed us and showed us to the lift that would take us to the revolving restaurant – we were all really excited as we had heard so much about 7 Hills that we did not really know what to expect. The restaurant was not as crowded as expected, however the ambience and set up well done. After being seated, we were given warm towels to wipe our hands and we were offered drinks – at this point, none of us had realized that we were actually revolving! (It takes 90 minutes to revolve back to your starting point).

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We started with the magnificent view of the golf course, then Kololo and one wonders after seeing it from this view, why anyone would want to remove all the trees from Kampala!

Next, we ordered our starters!
We ordered a variety of starters to share and experience the different tastes. Smoked salmon Crepe – nicely presented and indeed delicious, although I was not able to taste much of the cream cheese as mentioned on the menu. The portions were sizable and actually they were just enough for my meal – price 16,000/=. Two colleagues ordered the Seafood Timbale in tomato vinaigrette and coconut mayonnaise for the starter, which was well presented and delicious, although the dressing (Tomato / Mayonnaise was a b it over bearing, masking the true seafood taste) – Price 18,000/=. Other starters ordered were, the Whistling ribs, which were a combo taste of sweet, yet spicy the ribs could have been slightly tenderer, but were still really tasty and crispy, with a hint of garlic, ginger, chilli and honey mustard.
The last of the starters was a Greek salad – The salad was fresh with all my veggies crunchy and well presented, although the Blue cheese dressing was missing! – Price 16,000/=

After starters we sat back to enjoy the view which now featured Makindye, Nsambya, Munyonyo and Ggaba (the view of the lake is amazing especially when there are clear blue skies around after a heavy down pour). Some time had passed between the starters and the mains, perhaps forcing us to sit back and enjoy more of the revolving view?

For our main meals we had breast of Char-grilled Chicken with mashed potatoes – the chicken was tender and the mash was just perfect – it was served with a steamed creamy spinach and Dijon sauce topping – superb at 26,000/=. My colleague had the spicy Lamb rack and Marbled Posho. The lamb was well spiced with chilies, mint and garlic giving it a pleasant aroma. It was served with a thick brown soup, cauliflower and carrots – a good combination and a good meal. The rest of my colleagues had stuffed pork loins which are wrapped in a pork Celestine served with apple sauce, chips and steamed rice. The pork was well done, tender and juicy and came served with creamy spinach. The presentation was good and the food tasty at 28,000/=

After the main course we where all full to the brim and decided to forego on the desserts and opted for fresh fruit juice (Shs 6,000), sodas (Shs 2000) and beers (Shs 6000). They have a wide list of desserts ranging in price from 14,000 to 22,000/=.
Wines are available ranging from Shs 59,000 to Shs 115, 000 – their selection of wines is suitable with Cocktails priced around the Shs 15,000/= mark.

Overall, I felt the prices were on the higher side, but on the whole our meals were tasty, the company good and our view spectacular. I would recommend 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant.

For Reservations, please contact:
7 Hills Revolving Restaurant at Golf Course Hotel
Telephone: (041) 4563500. Email: fb@golfcoursehotel.com

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