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Article By: Sarah Namulondo (writer / blogger www.sarahnamulondo.com)  |  Images By: RJ Walter & Innocent Ampeire It’s Dangerous being a Chimpanzee!
Elephant in Murchisons Falls National Park

"Elephant in Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP)" Photo by:  Anil Varma (Wild Cheeta Tours & Travels Ltd)
A man's boot caught in a trap

Poacher’s traps kill people too  - By Anne-Marie Weeden, Uganda Conservation Foundation Working in a conservation organization, it may sometimes seem like all...
Thumbs Up for WILD LEO © UWA

C.S.I. Wildlife - How criminology techniques are helping to fight wildlife crime in Uganda  By Anne-Marie Weeden, Uganda Conservation...
By Uganda Carnivore Program

Uganda Carnivore Program By Michelle Sutton Climb aboard any safari vehicle and ask guests what they want to see most and the answer is...

Featured Photo - September 2013 Photo by: Sherry McKelvie

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