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During Swim Safe Uganda, Children learn how to use Lifejackets

Swim Safe Uganda Article by Moses Kalanzi

Swim Safe Uganda is an Organisation working to stop drowning in Uganda.
Swim Safe Uganda (SSU) is a registered Non Governmental Organization, founded by Mr. Moses Kalanzi together with a professional team of lifesavers. A global activist advocating water safety and drowning prevention, Moses is also the director of Swim Safe Uganda, a Commonwealth lifesaving trainer and a level 3 Fina coach.

Swim Safe Uganda has been promoting water safety through various training workshops and campaigns for the past seven years. Their aim is to ensure professionalism, efficiency and quality services among the lifesavers/guards and pool attendants in Uganda.

About Swim Safe Uganda


ISU international school of Uganda -

Our mission:
Mobilizing individuals, communities and stakeholders to participate in creating water safety and drowning prevention throughout Uganda.

To have every Ugandan being able to swim, to save his life and others’ in case of an emergency and being able to pass these skills on to future generations.

Our vision:
A drowning free society


  • Facilitate communities in participatory engagement to share remedies to prevent drowning in Uganda and beyond.
  • Provide training and capacity building to water safety related stakeholders to reduce drowning.
  • Promote, encourage, coordinate and safeguard development of water safety act, its related activities and interests within and outside Uganda.
  • Liaise with government and civil society organizations plus other relevant organs under them with an aim of creating water safety.
  • Persuade, lobby and encourage survival-swimming programs aimed towards a safer society.
Swim Safe Uganda Instructor Teaching the Island Children

Swim Safe Uganda Instructor Teaching the Island Children the Basics of swimming during SSU water safety Outreach.
Photo by; Maryland Films Africa


It is no wonder that Uganda has one of the world’s highest rates of drowning.
Uganda has a total area of 241,551 square kilometers with a land area of 200,523 square kilometers and of those 41,028 square kilometers is covered by water

Every year 5,000 cases of drowning are reported, mostly within Lake Victoria.

With limited national policies related to water safety, the water safety inadequacies remain a reality with many people having no swimming skills visiting beaches with no life guards or with unqualified lifeguards, children fetching water from open wells with no protection, crossing water bodies to get to schools, crossing water bodies to get to the market for economic activities, etc.

At swim safe Uganda, we intend to uphold our mission to continue putting water safety programs in place throughout the different communities as we have been doing since 2011. This has also been achieved through:

  • Water safety training
  • Lifeguard training
  • Survival swimming
  • Aquatic rescue and CPR training
  • Drowning prevention
  • Disaster management

We train people from all walks of life on water safety by training them in basic rescue skills, swimming skills, and in the prevention of water related hazards.

The beneficiaries of our endeavors are children, teachers, lifeguards, coxswains and tots. With a keen attention to a 30% percentage population being the ladies

We have held programs (safety drives) globally and also in some parts of the country

For more information, please contact:

Swim Safe Uganda (SSU) – Kaazi Training Centre – PO. Box 23488 Kampala
C: +256 780 630857  |   +256 752 209938

E: swimsafeuganda@gmail.com  |  W: www.swimsafeug.org

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