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The Uganda MX Club

By Chris Glaser

About the Club

ISU international school of Uganda -

The Uganda Motocross Club is based at Garuga about 20km from Kampala on the road to Entebbe. Our track is located next to the lakeside and we have a Clubhouse, with Toilet Block & Showers. The club has about 60 riding members and we continue to grow. The mix is about 50/50 Ugandans & Ex-pats. We have recently fenced the track and added a Car Track to attract more spectators to our events. At our last MX & car event, we had an impressive crowd of three & a half thousand!
We run about 10 events per year and on Sundays when there is no Championship or International event, we have practice at Garuga. Most Sundays we have at least 20 members who come down with their families to race a bit and then relax / recover on the veranda of the Clubhouse in a family friendly atmosphere.

As our first priority is safety, we have a strict practice timetable to ensure that adults and kids are not on the track at the same time. In addition, we also have a Nurse from the International Hospital of Kampala in attendance at Practice every Sunday (IAA/IHK being one of our sponsors). Our other sponsors are Mountain Dew, UAP, Fresh Cuts and Saracen.

A Note for Parents
There will probably come a time when a child, boy or girl, will announce that they would like to start riding a motorbike or a quad-bike on a motocross track in competitions.

Many thoughts go through a parents head at a moment like that, including worries about safety, cost and whether or not this is a suitable sport for ones s0 young. At the Uganda MX Club we understand all your concerns. All of our parents asked themselves the same questions and faced the same difficult decision as to whether or not to allow their children to take up Motocross as a hobby. Safety is our primary concern and paramount in all that we do. We don’t push our juniors to be winners, we encourage them to use their heads, refine their skills and live to race another day. We instill the philosophy that winning is not everything and Motocross, above all else has to be fun for our young riders. Make no mistake though, Motocross does take a commitment of time and easily evolves into a lifestyle. Doing Motocross as a sport means that you spend quality time as a family and the children learn skills that will stand them in good stead down the road.
Our juniors also become aware that the fun things in life can cost a lot of money, and that racing is a privilege to be earned. Rivalry on the track leads to great comradeship off the track and the juniors form friendships that last beyond school and they meet people who would otherwise have remained strangers.

There are safer sports, there are saner sports and there are certainly cheaper sports .but there is not a sport which they, and the whole family will enjoy more than his one!
Log onto our website (see below) where you will find details of our forthcoming events and pictures of our members. In addition, we have a Group page on Facebook that’s worth checking out.

Come down and join in the fun. We welcome any visitors to come and see what it’s all about on any given Sunday!
For more information, please contact:-
The Uganda Motocross Club
Website: www.ugandamx.com