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Jenny Farmer
(Mountain Club of Uganda)

Lake Mburo has a scattering of granite rocks that rise out of the bush, atop all of which are wide views of the surrounding National Park and the lakes and wetlands in the distance. Klipspringers, monkeys and rock hyraxes are amongst some of the wildlife found on the rocks. Most of the rocks can be scrambled up from one angle or another, allowing anyone who is it and able to perch atop and enjoy the scenery the park has to ofer. Some of the Rocks have one or two steeper faces, which can be climbed, using either a top-rope, anchored at the top or by using climbing trad-gear to set a route up the face. Use of trad-gear is a challenge, as some of the routes don’t offer much opportunity for sound placement of gear- a problem on a lot of the granite Explore rock in Uganda.

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Although, there are some cracks on the rocks that make for good gear placement and holds. The faces themselves are fairly ‘dirty’- covered in lichen, which makes for some interesting handholds! And, as the rocks are rarely climbed, there is the risk of loose rock coming of, so helmets are a must for both bilayer and climber! The Ruroko Kopjie within the park ofers a couple of diferent routes, including “Ruby Monkey”- named after the cheeky critters who sit atop the rock starting at the crazy climbers! Rwakobo Rock comes with its own rock climbing challenge; the scattered rocks in the bush making for some interesting bouldering and free climbing. There are some rocks in the ranch land surrounding the park, but climbers trying to access these rocks should respect the fact that these are on private land. All rock climbing is best done with appropriate climbing shoes, to enable secure footing on the faces and protection of the climber’s feet!

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