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Centenary Barbeque Lounge

Review by The Eye

Centenary Barbeque Lounge (CBL) is an independent, one-of-a-kind restaurant located at Centenary Park in Jinja Road. It can accommodate quite a few people, and there is an outdoor setting which has a beer garden and a Nyama Choma zone. Unlike many other restaurants with outdoor patios at Centenary Park, CBL doesn’t face the parking lot or traffic driving by as they can be found right in the middle of the park.

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The restaurant was designed with an African architectural feel to it with a grass thatched roof and eucalyptus poles which shelter the main dining area on the ground floor while on the upper deck you have a sports bar and a comfortable lounge area. The restaurant is open planned, spacious and airy.

Centenary Barbeque Lounge is run by a German Chef with Kenyan and Ugandan partners. This has made CBL very popular because of their rich Menu offering both German food and the famous East African Nyama Choma.

The day we went for lunch it was unusually cold and it was raining so one of my workmates ordered tea and the rest of us ordered beers, sodas and shots of whiskey – the tea took a while to arrive but we weren’t too concerned as we weren’t going back to work – we had the afternoon off. After being presented with our menus we ordered a variety of different dishes so that we could all sample a taste of the different meals on offer at CBL. We had starters like fish fingers with tartar sauce, potato cream of soup, chicken wings and Reibekuchen with Tomato cheese and bacon – this was really tasty. The prices for the starters ranged from shs.6000 – 12,000/=.

We gave ourselves ample time before we ordered our main courses since we had to carefully study the menu which had lots of meat dishes to choose from. It would be easier for us to select what we were going to eat if the menu had numbers for each item (dish) none the less we managed to get our orders in. For the main course we decided to order at least one dish in every category. We chose the CBL Platter for two which comprised of pork pieces, sausages, two pieces of chicken and goat steak which was served with white rice, chips and spicy brown sauce (the combination of the sauce and salt was delicious), the Italian schnitzel was just fantastic with a smoky, slightly peppery aftertaste and the mushroom sauce was smooth and savory with just the right amount of cream. As tasty as all the meals were at CBL we had to try their bacon pancakes and these turned out to be crunchy at the edges, with a smooth and creamy consistency within. The salads they served us with our food were healthy, super fresh and just divine. Meal prices at CBL range from shs.4000 – 31000/=, the portions are big and the meals thoroughly enjoyable – meals take around 15-25 minutes to come out of the kitchen once ordered.

There simply wasn’t enough space to eat anything more so we skipped the desserts and sat and chatted while we finished our drinks – a glass of red wine sells at 7,000/=. CBL is fully licensed and has a wide range of beers, spirits and wines.
If you enjoy barbequed meat and you are looking for a place to eat where the ambience is good, the food delicious, good service and the beers cold then take yourself over to CBL at Centenary Park.

CBL have a coupon incentive that provides patrons with an opportunity to get their 10th meal free of charge if they eat there nine times – we’re all working on getting that 10th meal free of charge!
ED’s Notes: CBL do not have many meals on their menu for vegetarians so please call them to find out what they have in the way of vegetarian meals to avoid disappointment.

For more information, please contact:
Centenary Barbeque Lounge
Jinja Road, Centenary Park, Kampala – Uganda
Mobile: +256 754 955546. Email: info@bbq-lounge.co.ug. Website: www.bbq-lounge.co.ug