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Cayenne Restaurant & Lounge

By Nada Andersen

When I arrived at Cayenne to do this review, I really did not know what to expect. I mean, I had heard that Cayenne was a happening, groovy, weekend hangout and that made me think that the food would be the same; easy going, not too complicated – crowd-pleasing sort of food, but I was really surprised when I learnt that this was not the case.

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On a Thursday night I set off to Cayenne Restaurant & Lounge in the company of my husband to experience a night out at this often-talked about restaurant and it was really something else. The first thing we came across were the security guards who are there to ensure your safety while you are having a good time – they are polite, quick in their search and friendly.
On arrival at Cayenne we bumped into Mario, the flamboyant Italian owner and manager and after a good chat with Mario we settled in for dinner.

The restaurant is snuggly fit in the lower garden around the pool area which gives the whole area a bit of a glamorous feel to the place. We sat at the table in the corner as this gave us a bit of privacy as the restaurant was pretty full by the time we arrived.

When the menus arrived we were really surprised to see that they not only served Italian food but also Chinese, Thai, Indian and fusion cuisine and this made it harder for us to decide on what to eat; everything on their menu sounded delicious but we decided to stick to our guns and order an Italian meal. First and foremost in any Italian restaurant, is the delicious warm bread – this is the essence of all Mediterranean cuisine and Cayenne does it superbly well. The Grissini was crisp and light, the onion bread was tasty and filling and the baguette was fresh and warm after having just come right out of the oven.

We ordered Minestrone Soup and Gamberi I Cocco (prawns deep-fried in coconut flour) for starters and both dishes were delicious and tasty. The prawns really tasted like coconut and they were crispy and light. The Minestrone soup was divine and this is exactly how a real home-made Italian Minestrone soup should taste like – rich, full of scattered vegetables and thick with pureed seedless tomatoes – this soup came straight from Mamma’s kitchen!

Our mains consisted of the Pasta Americana which was well-marinated with diced chicken and tomatoes. The Straccetti Beef is the Italian version of beef stir-fry, and it was delicious and served with a mix of fried beef strips and vegetables – this is the kind of meal that leaves you satisfied but not overly full and uncomfortable – always leaving enough room for a glass of wine or delicious dessert.

Cayenne is fully licensed and they have a wide range of drinks to choose from in addition to their many varieties of cocktails, spirits, wines and beers. When we arrived I started the evening with a Mohito which is slightly different to the ones from Cuba, but still very refreshing. The House wine they serve is a good quality wine although I did suspect it was not Italian – the taste was rich and the wine had a full body and dark ruby colour. The drinks were right up there with the superb quality of the food.

Finally, it came time to order our coffees and desserts. I thought of being mean and finding at least one thing to complain about, so I ordered Crème Caramel, knowing very well that this simple dessert is perfectly done by only the best pastry chefs. I was eager to taste this classic but so seldom served dessert, and when it hit the table, it was just perfect. Cool, sweet sensation washed down with a sip of tasty and strong Italian coffee.

To sum up our evening at Cayenne: the ambiance was great, the staff friendly and helpful, the food delicious and reasonably priced. An average meal will cost you around 20,000/=. Cayenne also serve pizzas, a variety of finger foods, soups, salads and besides their Italian food, you have the option of choosing a Thai, Chinese or Indian dish from their menu.

Will I go back? Absolutely – I have to try the rest of the stuff from the menu!

Cayenne is the perfect place to unwind 7 days of the week, whether it is a meeting with a work colleague during working hours or over the weekend with a group of friends. It is a lovely place to eat out and relax.

For more information, please contact:-
Cayenne Restaurant & Lounge
Plot 1213 Bukoto-Kira Road, Bukoto, Kampala
Mobile: +256 792 692692 / +256 792 200555