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Café Roma

Review by The Eye

Café Roma is located in Tank Hill (one of Kampala’s “seven hills”) in Muyenga.
The restaurant is a spacious, with seating options for outside or inside dining, depending on their mood and weather conditions. The environment is also peaceful and lovely that it is very hard to simply eat and leave, and you are inclined to linger on to enjoy the atmosphere.

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The staff are friendly and efficient and we were immediately offered choice of seating and since we were a team, we decided to sit outside, to enjoy the afternoon fresh air. Our drinks order was taken and the service was fast.

For our starter’s, we ordered for the mozzarella capriccioso (tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and Oregano). The order took some time to arrive; however, the conversation was good and the afternoon breeze great, so no complaints. The meal, though when I did arrive, was well presented and excellent to eat.

For the main course each of my colleagues ordered something different so we could sample a wider variety of meals, including the vegetarian meal (one person is a veggie).
After flipping through the menu, we settled on, fillet steak with Gorgonzola cheese (The writer, me), Stagioni Pizza ( tomato, Mozzarella, Ham, Caciotta, Artichoke , eggs and chicken) ,Tilapia kebab with mustard sauce and chips, Pork fillet in orange sauce, lamb with Blue Berry and mint sauce and the vegetarian had the veggie Lasagna.

The meals were all served fairly quickly and well presented. I sampled a bit of all the meals and felt each was rather tasty. My colleagues all enjoyed their meals and had positive comments.
Strangely, after those huge meals, some of us were still keen on dessert (Me included) so we settled for the Italian pistachio ice cream and one Italian dessert Tiramisu – both of which were delicious.

Café Roma has good service with friendly staff – food delivery time was between 10-15 minutes. The Big courtyard is spacious and they can accommodate big groups of diners. The restaurant is well worth the visit for an enjoyable meals and good afternoon or evening out.

The prices at Café Roma for starters range between 8,000/= – 18,000/=. The main course range between 15,000/= – 25,000/= but for the more expensive items especially on the sea and lake menu there’s a range of 25,000/= – 40,000/=. Ice creams go for 2,000/= each scoop, Tiramisu 4,000/=, Beers are between 3,000/= – 3,500/=, Juice 3,000/= and the wines go for 5,000/= per glass.

Café Roma also has a guest house, so if you are too drunk to drive after the meal – Spend the night!

For reservations, please contact:
Café Roma
Tank Hill, Muyenga
Mobile: +256 792 501847 / +256 772 501847.

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