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REF Uganda sportswear brand and juicery

REF Uganda sportswear brand and cold-pressed Juicery article and images by Ref. Living Raw Team

The REF. brand expands into four segments of which two are already operational;
REF. Sports & REF Café. REF. Garden & REF. Online is to be operational by the end of 2019. The founders of REF., having lived a gipsy lifestyle, living & working in various continents identified a real gap in the Ugandan market for healthy food & drink products, and affordable sportswear. This thought-provoking gap in the market allowed them to incorporate their worldly travels into a business that today is proudly challenging local businesses by creating products and services that have never been seen or experienced in the country.

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To understand the various business segments of the REF. Brand one must understand the ethos of REF. which is largely influenced by local collaborative initiatives that provide a truly local experience with the highest standards of quality in whatever REF. aspires to do. Keeping in mind that each product should be price friendly so that our customers’ wallets are always happy with REF.

We at REF. Sports have a dedicated team of staff, local athletes, & local consultants that assist us in understanding the market and also in the design process of sports apparel relevant to the East African market. This results in sports apparel designed in Uganda by locals and manufactured in world-class factories.

REF Uganda sportswear brand and juicery

REF. Sports is also sponsoring handpicked athletes in Uganda and aiding them in their nutrition, training and sports apparel needs to perform better at a global stage. Pius Adome, hailing from Tororo, Uganda, a 100- & 200-Meter sprinter for the Ugandan National Running team is one of them.

REF. Sports aspires to nurture Ugandan athletes and provide them with top quality sports gear which is designed for them by them. We currently have two retail outlets in Kampala for Ref. Sports that operates in conjunction with Ref. Café, come check out our gear and grab our famous Bubble teas or cold-press juices.

REF. Café is a disruptive force within the Café scene in Kampala, where several Cafés and restaurants are serving juices, salads, sandwiches etc. However, our aim is to serve customers what they are unable to get anywhere else; the heart of it being our Cold Pressed Juices – the only ones in Uganda!

Our dedicated staff source the finest fruits and vegetables allowing us to always provide our customers with Uganda’s freshest handpicked produce & ingredients. We pride in our cold-pressed juices as we NEVER add water/sugar/preservatives or artificial ingredients in them.

At REF. Café, we take dietary requirements very seriously. We cater for vegan and gluten-free customers with a wide, exciting range of food and drink items. We are a fully vegetarian café where customers can eat and drink stress-free knowing there won’t be any cross-contamination. Believe it or not, all our meat-eating customers also love the Ref. Café menu despite it being vegetarian! Since we have a passion for serving all the new and firsts of Uganda, we decided to include some exciting things on our menu such as bubble tea from Taiwan, Matcha Green tea from Japan, speciality coffees such as the bullet-proof and the famous Zafrani chai from Dubai. Our personal favourite being the Vietnamese iced coffee.

ref. Cafe

As a company, we believe it is equally important for us to give back to the community around us and keep wastage to a bare minimum. We donate all unused and consumable fruit & vegetables pulp for cow feed and our Cold-pressed juices to the underprivileged.

The REF. family looks forward to welcoming you to REF.

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Ref. is a brand developed through passion. We provide healthy yet tasty food & drink and stylish yet functional sportswear all at affordable prices; Ref. is Uganda’s first lifestyle store hosting Uganda’s first very own sports brand and cold press juicery

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