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Places of Worship in Uganda

Last updated: June 1, 2016 at 13:17 pm


ISU international school of Uganda -

All Saints Cathedral
1-4 & 6 Akii Bua Road, Nakasero Hill, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4342128
Email: info@allsaintskampala.org
Website: www.allsaintskampala.org

St Paul’s Cathedral

Namirembe, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4270212.


Christ the King
Colville Street, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4241505.

Mbuya Catholic Church Parish
Mbuya, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4222771

Rubaga Cathedral
Rubaga Road, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 258112.


Bukoto Evangelical Church-Rural Ministries, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4532028.
Mobile: +256 776 532028 / +256 755 532028.
Email: worldrevivalb@hotmail.com

Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda, white tent next to Kabalagala Police Station, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4510218.
Mobile: +256 776570041
Email: jeromewamala@yahoo.com


SSDM Hindu Temple, 8 Snay Bin Amir Street, Nakasero Market, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4256036.

BAPS Temple, Plot 2/8 Nakivubo Place (opposite Shoprite), Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4236171.

Shree Kutch Satsing Swaminarayan Temple, Martin Road, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4231334
(Temple Times: 6am to 12:30pm and 4pm to 8pm)


Gaddafi National Mosque, Old Kampala Hill, Kampala.

Kibuli Mosque, Kibuli Road, Kampala.

Nakasero Mosque, Nakasero, Kampala


Baha’i Temple, Gayaza Road, Kikaya Hill, Kampala.


Bukoto Evangelical Church, Bukoto, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4532028

Christian Life Church, 713 Bombo Road, Bwaise, Kampala.
Tel/Fax: (041) 4541269.

Calvary Chapel Kampala, 12 William Street, City Centre, Kampala & The Space, Acacia Avenue, Kololo, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4234127
Mobile: +256 772 362756
Email: kampala@calvarykla.com
Website: www.calvarykla.com

Deliverance Church Ministries, (Nakasero, Kololo & Nsambya).
Tel: (041) 4269756.
Email: dcnakasero@infocom.co.ug.
Website: www.deliverancechurchuganda.8m.com.

Freedom Church Kampala, Cineplex Garden City (Sundays 10am) & Makerere University Guest House Bamboo Hall (Sundays 6pm).
Mobile: +256 790 885220.
Email: kris@freedomchurch.co.uk.
Website: www.freedomkampalacity.org.

Full Gospel Church, 49-55 Makerere Hill Road, Makerere, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4540437.
Email: makefugo@imul.com.
Website: www.fullgospelmakerere.net

Good Samaritan Ministries, 135 Katwe Road, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4242614.

Kampala International Church, Ambrosoli International School in Bugolobi (Sundays 10:00am), Heritage International School in Kansanga (Sundays 10:15am) & Mildmay in Suubi Hall Lubowa (Sundays 10:30am).
Mobile: +256 782 727597.
Email: jpwillison@yahoo.com / kiccommunity@gmail.com.
Website: www.kampalainternationalchurch.org

Kansanga Miracle Centre, Off Ggaba Road / before Didi’s World, Kansanga.
(Sunday service 8:30am-10:30am & main Sunday service 10:30am-1:30pm).
Website: www.kmc.ug.

Life Church, Bata Bata, Namasuba, Entebbe Road, Kampala.
Mobile: +256 718 769191.
Email: life@lifechurch.ug.
Website: www.lifechurch.ug

Makerere Community Church, Makerere University, Kampala.
Mon-Fri 09:00am-5pm, The White House, 56 Makerere Hill Road.
Sat 07:00am-10:00pm, Makerere University swimming pool.
Sun 07:30am-1:00pm, Makerere Veterinary Medicine hall
Tel: (041) 4543765.

Miracle Centre Cathedral (MCC), (Kabaka’s Lake), Kampala.
Mobile: +256 772 662926 / +256 772 451708.
Email: r.kayanja@hotmail.com.
Website: www.kayanja.com

Prayer Palace, 23853 Mobutu Road, Kibuye-Juuko Zone, Makindye, Kampala.
Tel/Fax: (041) 4266362
Email: pradunkyssa@gmail.com
Website: www.prayerpalaceug.org

One Life Church, meets 10am Sundays at MacKinnon Suites, MacKinnon Road, Nakasero, Kampala.
Mobile: +256 794 208266 / +256 772 379985.
Email: pastor@onelifechurch.ug.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, 5A Mabua Road, Kololo, Kampala.
Mobile: +256 754 703478 /+256 757 645347

Watoto Church, 87 Kampala Road, Kampala.
Tel: (041) 4313500/12.
Fax: (041) 4344657.
Email: connect@watotochurch.com.
Website: www.watotochurch.com.

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