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Little Elephant Camp by The Eye | images by Michelle Sutton

The first sight of Little Elephant Camp is enough to satisfy anyone who lusts after an adventure reminiscent of an old-world safari. 

Large canvas tricked-out tents are spread out amidst golden savannah grasses that are gently swaying in the afternoon breeze.  Little Elephant Camp has all the romance implicit of a safari.  Sleeping under canvas without having to forego any creature comforts, this is definitely the most glamorous camping (glamping) that I’ve experienced.

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On our arrival, we are instructed by the gate attendant to drive to Leopard camp.  We pull up to our own parking bay behind our camp and are welcomed by camp manager Godfrey.  He shows us around our private camp and what instantly strikes us is all the space we get to ourselves.  Our own mess tent which is outfitted with an amazing kitchen with everything you possibly ask for, a dining table surrounded by canvas safari chairs, a lounge area with a daybed and coffee table.  A few metres away is our bedroom tent.  It looks like a throwback to the exploration era with metal beds, a trunk which purposes as a side table and lockbox, crisp white linens and a splash of colour from the Kenyan shukas that are draped over the foot of the bed.  In this tour of our camp, the best is saved for last.  As the zippers rise on the back of our bedroom tent a large bathroom area is exposed.  Flushing toilet, sink and vanity with a large mirror and spacious outdoor shower area.  From the shower, the views are of the Rwenzori Mountains in all their massiveness.  In front of our tents is a large area where the grass is kept tidy and short, along with a BBQ and a fire pit.  Little Elephant Camp is directly on the boundary of Queen Elizabeth National Park, you really can’t get any closer.

As we settle into our camp, we relax in the heat of the day, a gentle breeze blowing, birds flitting and singing all around us with the odd butterfly floating by.  There are no crowds of tourists here, it is peaceful and serene.  Just as the last of the daylight is fading, the staff come to our camp with a cluster of kerosene lanterns that are then hung on hooks all around our camp, after which they arrange a few pieces of firewood in our campfire ring and light our fire.  The nighttime ambience here is unrivalled.  The birdsong tapers off and gives way to frogs, crickets, nightjars and the odd screeching owl only interrupted by the random grunts of hippos and a whistling Ugandan Kob all under a mantle of stars.


Little Elephant Camp - luxury camping

What makes this camp so unique is the privacy you get here.
In your private camp, you’re on your own schedule to do what you want and eat when you want.  You are completely left alone…. well, almost!  The staff has an uncanny ability to slip in at just the right time to check if you want any cold drinks, light your fire or ensure that you’re not in need of anything.

The facilities in your camp are intended for self-catering, there is no restaurant on site.  If you don’t want the hassle of packing food with you, you can pre-order marinated meats for the grill and pre-prepared food from their online menu.  We tried out their steaks, chicken and vegetable basket and we enjoyed grilling them just as we like them.  For breakfast, one of their breakfast baskets was perfect for us, overall the food was excellent.

If you want a taste of the African bush, this is the best place to experience it.  The highlight for us was showering under the stars at night, it’s easily the best shower ever!  Barbequing and sitting around our campfire was a close second.  We loved everything about Little Elephant Camp and can’t wait to return.  Do yourself a favour and go experience this charming camp, you won’t regret it!

little Elephant Camp information and booking enquiries:

Email: info@littleelephantcamp.com
Tel: +256 787 722 355


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