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International Women's Organisation Annual christmas Bazaar Fund raiser

The International Women’s Organisation (IWO) is dedicated to fostering greater understanding among women of all nationalities.

It is a volunteer group that raises funds to assist needy women and children in Uganda. The annual Christmas bazaar is a major fundraising event. The money raised goes towards supporting IWO’s community work implemented by its Projects committee, which may approve a project worth up to USH 3 million. The funds are used to purchase and deliver items.

International Women’s Organisation provides a wide range of goods: countless water tanks, protected springs, sewing machines, carpentry sets and other equipment to improve training and skills development. The organisation also supports farming groups wishing to diversify their skills and sources of income.

ISU international school of Uganda -

Providing desks and school supplies is a large part of its work as well. The more remote health centres need basic medical equipment, as well as beds, mattresses, lamps and bicycle ambulances.

To fund its projects, IWO holds two annual events: the Christmas Bazaar and the Small World dinner dance, usually held in May.

The International Women’s Organisation would like to thank all sponsors, donors and supporters both past and present for their generous assistance.

Join the International Women’s Organisation for their annual Christmas Bazaar

For more information, please contact Paruru Nielsen on + 256 786 636246

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