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A new face of healthcare for Uganda

KAMPALA- Opening its doors to the public in August 2012, Victoria University Healthcare Centre will bring affordable and quality healthcare based on international standards to Uganda.

Victoria University Healthcare Centre provides a full array of quality medical care based on the highest international standards. The staff is comprised of local and international healthcare professionals who are equipped with top of the range medical equipment and technology. Bringing affordable, high quality healthcare to the public, the Victoria University Healthcare Centre is open to everyone in need of trusted and safe care.

ISU international school of Uganda -

Located at Kira Road in the heart of Kampala, VU Healthcare Centre is a private medical Ccentre of expertise that is affiliated with the Victoria University. Both the university and the Centre are founded by Edulink Holdings, a London / Dubai based company with over 20 years of experience in education and healthcare. Consistent with its mission to close the healthcare gap and bring cost effective quality medical service to the general public, both the Faculty and the Centre intend to make a major contribution to the health of the nation.

A sense of trust
“Many patients Ugandans don’t have confidence in health facilities and tend to associate healthcare with inefficiency”, Tim Murray,the Clinical Officer and Head Nurse at VU Healthcare Centre said. “But we understand life is precious. By introducing international standards and quality-driven, patient-oriented care, we hope to restore a sense of trust in the general public when it comes to healthcare. What we offer is safety, quality and confidentiality for all our patients, at an affordable price.”

The Healthcare Centre adopts a preventative, continuative and holistic approach to care. In its mission to improve the standard of healthcare in Uganda, it wants to collaborate with different medical facilities and be a platform for reflection and discussion to ensure an evidenced based medical practice that reflects a commitment to government policies and is responsive to the ever-changing healthcare demands. An example of this vision is reflected in the recently launched Victoria Health Perspective Series – health discussion aimed at bringing together healthcare workers from Uganda and further afield. “The initiative will benefit Uganda by bringing together international experts in health issues, many of which will be especially relevant to Uganda, and to possibly recommend courses of action to improve the health of the nation”, Dr. David Young, the deputy vice chancellor at Victoria University said.

Quality and expertise
A fine example of the quality and expertise at disposal is the dental apartment of the VU Health Centre. It has the only full-service dental laboratory of the region that offers a complete line of dental prosthetics including dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges. It is currently one of the three dental facilities in East Arica that uses ceramic crowns and is run by the only dental material scientist in Uganda. The dental clinic has a high quality dental chair and a digital dental X-ray, among others. With a depth of experience, technical skills and state of the art technology, the dental apartment will craft restorations that satisfy all dental needs.


The VU Healthcare Centre offers the following services;

• Vaccinations, Travel Clinic
•Anticoagulation Clinic
• Dental Clinic
• Dental Laboratory
• Full Health Screening
• Cardiology
• PAP and Cervical Smears
• Wound Care and Dressings
• Chronic Disease Management
• Sexual Health
• Counseling
• Pain Management
• Palliative Care
• Health Advice
• HIV/ Aids Care


The modern and bright facilities have up to date equipment that adheres to the highest international standards

The Healthcare Centre is open from August 2012

The medical services on offer are on the service provider list for all big health insurance companies

The VU Healthcare Center is committed to a quality, safe service and is in the process of getting ISO 9001certified

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For more information, visit www.vu.ac.ug or send an email to admin@vuhc.ug. You can also call +256 417 727 100

Victoria University Healthcare Centre is located at Kira Road, Plot 54B, P.O.Box 72587, Kampala, Uganda