Recommendation/ Review for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd

Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd team is really fast and reliable,they supplied our company( Max Ventures Ltd in Masese) two Industrial platform scales( capacity 500kg ) as soon as we issued to them a Local Purchase Order.I recommend them to companies which need to purchase weighing scales of any brand and capacity.Call them now. .

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Recommendation for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
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We at B.S.I Commodities in Jinja appreciate the services provided by Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd They calibrated our weigh bridge which was under-weighing our rice .These guys came with certified calibration stones and re-calibrated it successfully hence relieving us off severe losses we incurred. I highly recommend them to any company facing problems with weighing scale issues. For any further inquiries, mail or contact them on the office number: +256 (0) 700225423 or via email

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Review for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
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I am writing this because of the satisfaction my company got on hiring the services of Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd. These guys really cared and worked on our company weighing scales with a lot of precision and speed. Before we contacted them, our company Allied Metals Limited in Jinja had lost approximately 40 million Shillings in sales due to the use of inefficient and manual weighing scales/ industrial platforms. They successfully turned them into digital scales serviced and Calibrated them.

Great Thanks

We highly appreciate

Good services

The company provides all kinds of children’s play items like bouncing castles in all parts of the country. They offer free delivery and are trustworthy and reliable.

Hornbill Gorilla Tours ltd

The best tour company in Uganda that delivers a memorable experience to guests ,I like the brand name sounds cool, the management is friendly ,they give a dramatic welcome to guests right away upon their arrival at the air port as a sign of welcome to Uganda like beads to ladies made locally .I therefore recommend any one in need of a trust worthy tour services provider in Uganda here they are.

Excellent Marketing Agency in Kampala
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Excellent Marketing Agency in Kampala. Thanks for the great services rendered

Thank you Beacon of Hope Uganda for the great experience.
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Since I was a little girl I have always felt an odd connection with Africa without knowing why. I thought it may have something to do with the land…with Savanna Trees…maybe even with elephants. I never dreamed it could have been with the people.

And so it was that at age 58, I left for Uganda hoping to learn more about this place about which I knew so little, and to form a single alliance between a woman of the First World and a people of the Third World. In working as a volunteer with Beacon of Hope Uganda, I had the good fortune to live with the founder of the organization Isaac Ssamba and his team, getting to know them, their extended families and neighbors, and learning firsthand about BoHU’s numerous programs of community outreach.

The first thing I learned was that Ugandan people as a whole, are the most hospitable, generous, and friendly I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I had expected to be somewhat intimidated or even frightened traveling alone to Uganda, but I can say that without exception I never felt either of those things.

Experiencing their sweetness and generosity of spirit is truly a commonplace occurrence. Suffice it to say, I love Ugandan people!

While in Uganda I kept a personal diary. I wanted to share something of it here, but could not decide what impacted me most and wanted to share with the reader—the children living at the Orphanage? The school visits? Hungry children? Young people coming to the house hoping that BoHU could pay their school fees or mothers hoping they could get help for their sick children?

The women who support themselves making crafts? How about something simple like the affectionate neighbor children who sang for us, held our hands, sat on our laps? Beacon of Hope Uganda conducts so many worthy programs that to discuss one seems to lessen the importance of another, and everyday life is in itself an adventure.

Thank you Beacon of Hope Uganda for the great experience.

Over priced
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Ridiculously priced, below par pizzas, not to mention the misleading name!

Services Offered
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Find the following at Gulu Plaza:

Cafe Larem, (coffee shop and good food)
Cavendish University
Product Of Prison (fashion made by inmates and ex-inmates)
Nana’s Boutique
Hair salon for all types of hair
Mocad (monitoring and evalution)
Freedom Farmers
Wend (fashionable bags)
NUBS (Property managers and consultants)

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