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Excellent Technical Services
  • kevindonald reviewed 4 months ago
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We have been happy with the services ISI+SOFT Technologies has provided and would recommend their work to anyone looking for a technical services company.

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  • Hamala reviewed 5 months ago
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“Green Yard Gardeners is an excellent company to work with. They do everything they say they are going to do and are only pleased when you are pleased. They went above and beyond to ensure our happiness with the project’s every detail and it made the end result something we will enjoy for years and years.

The work performed by Green Yard dramatically changed our backyard. It’s so appealing and enjoyable we want to spend each night there!

The outcome was impressive, but the behind-the-scenes teamwork that went into the project was equally amazing. From start to finish, they opened a door for us to join the team, we discussed the plans and asked all the questions , we made decisions as a team, and the team’s synergy created something that was even better than we had envisioned.

I would highly recommend Green Yard Gardeners to anyone looking to make a landscape change!”

Amazing safari to Murchison falls national park

Steady Safaris put together a safari for us to Murchison falls national park. Everything went well through the planning and the real adventure in Murchison falls national park. We recommend this company to anyone interested in a safari. They are good and know their thing.

Kabarole Tours & Travel
  • karlis reviewed 10 months ago
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We got scammed by this company. We had ordered a one day tour and already paid a deposit. When we arrived they told us that our driver has just crashed and he had our deposit. The tour had to be postponed for one day. When we came the next day there was a new excuse why the money is not available. This continued for a couple of days more. In the end we did not go on our desired tour and we did not get our quite significant deposit back.

Recommendation/ Review for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd

Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd team is really fast and reliable,they supplied our company( Max Ventures Ltd in Masese) two Industrial platform scales( capacity 500kg ) as soon as we issued to them a Local Purchase Order.I recommend them to companies which need to purchase weighing scales of any brand and capacity.Call them now. .

Excellent performance by Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
  • isma reviewed 12 months ago
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Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd is a genuine company because they supplied us (New-Tech Industries Ltd) new weighing scales that is; 3 moisture analyses, a pallet trolley, 2 platforms (1000 kg) of good brands. Therefore whoever needs durable and affordable weighing scales should surely contact this company. For any further inquiries, mail or contact them
Office +256 (0) 700225423

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Recommendation for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
  • valeriano reviewed 1 year ago
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We at B.S.I Commodities in Jinja appreciate the services provided by Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd They calibrated our weigh bridge which was under-weighing our rice .These guys came with certified calibration stones and re-calibrated it successfully hence relieving us off severe losses we incurred. I highly recommend them to any company facing problems with weighing scale issues. For any further inquiries, mail or contact them on the office number: +256 (0) 700225423 or via email

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Review for Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd
  • isma reviewed 1 year ago
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I am writing this because of the satisfaction my company got on hiring the services of Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd. These guys really cared and worked on our company weighing scales with a lot of precision and speed. Before we contacted them, our company Allied Metals Limited in Jinja had lost approximately 40 million Shillings in sales due to the use of inefficient and manual weighing scales/ industrial platforms. They successfully turned them into digital scales serviced and Calibrated them.

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Great Thanks

We highly appreciate

Good services

The company provides all kinds of children’s play items like bouncing castles in all parts of the country. They offer free delivery and are trustworthy and reliable.

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