Karungi Camp
Karungi Camp Roadsign.jpg
Karungi Camp Roadsign.jpg
Cottage Exterior - Flycatcher smaller.jpeg
Karungi Camping Small.jpeg
Karungi Camp Dining w Guests - Dart night.jpg
Main Street, Rubuguri Village, Uganda
Unnamed Road Western Region Rubuguri UG

At Karungi, we believe that travel should be an escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to truly connect with the people, places and cultures around us. The camp’s goal is to be a bridge between locals & curious travellers and wild forests & comfortable beds, to provide good food & great conversation, and to make travellers feel at home in a new community whilst discovering their Uganda.

Cottage Exterior - Flycatcher smaller.jpeg 3 years ago
Karungi Camping Small.jpeg 3 years ago
Karungi Camp Dining w Guests - Dart night.jpg 3 years ago
Karungi Camp Roadsign.jpg 3 years ago
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