Jobi Road, Mubogo Cell, Pakwach Town Council branching from Rock Fuel Station/Omach Primary School
0772496306; 0789014861; 0772510927; 03121097280772496306; 0789014861; 0772510927; 0312109728

The beautiful Kalalo Cottage Inn is set in a well planned residential area of Mubogo Kamana B Village on Jobi Road less than one kilometre from Pakwach Town Council Offices.

Strategically located by the river side, Kalalo Cottage Inn provides you with comfortable accommodation yet less costly in a serene environment (away from the ever busy Pakwach Town Centre) suitable for unwinding and reflecting after a hectic day.

Our rooms are stylish, spacious, cozy, luxuriously designed and fitted with contemporary furnishings and amenities. All our rooms have private bathrooms fitted with modern shower and toilet facilities for your comfort and pleasure. We also provide secure ample parking space capable of accommodating up to 20 small to medium motor vehicles

Sophie’s Motel, Alice Reef Road, Entebbe, Uganda
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Sophie’s Motel, Alice Reef Road, Entebbe

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Entebbe Motel, 8 Old Airport Road (near UN Base), Entebbe

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