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Kids of Africa
By Christan Morley

Kids of Africa-Swiss African Children’s Village is a children’s home for 92 abandoned children in Bwerenga, Wakiso District founded in October of 2005. We are a registered charity in both Uganda and Switzerland. Our governing body consists of our Swiss Board, run by our President and founder Burkhard Varnholt with the assistance of our local Management Team head by our Director, Tage Bodulfsen. Our children are accommodated in 10 homes with foster mothers caring for them. The village includes a kindergarten, a clinic, modern farm, and carpentry workshop. At Kids of Africa, we believe in the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

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That is why our dedicated staff work very hard to raise the children in a holistic and positive way. Our Head of Education and Homes Supervisor, Dorte Bodulfsen, along with the mothers, aunties and teachers work towards raising the children to become the backbone of Ugandan society. Our first approach is having the children in family setting. Each foster mother cares for 8 to 10 children in her home, with our staff as an extended family. When the children are of school age, they attend out Kindergarten on the premises learning the skills necessary before attending primary school. Our primary school children attend a local school. Our education does not just end at school, during the school holiday’s our teachers plan activities and games for the children to do to add to the holistic part of education. Our children participate in dancing, arts and craft, writers’ clubs, football, and running club.

Along with our homes and education departments, we also have a clinic that looks after the health of our children. It is important for children to stay healthy. It has been with great effort from our doctor and nurse, we have almost eliminated malaria at the village. Our nurse, Semmy Atim, has also extended her efforts by assisting the children at the local school.

From the guidance of our Farm and Estates Manager, Timothy Mugabi, Kids of Africa has 30 start acres of land, mainly organic and almost self-sustaining farm land as well as a carpentry workshop. During the school holidays and in the evenings, if walking around the compound, one may see many children working in the farm or carpentry workshop, attaining new skills for a brighter future.

Without the work of Florence Barigye, Administrator, and Daniel Ssettuba, Accountant, Kids of Africa would also not be functioning. The two of these members do not just sit behind a desk. They take active part in counseling and interacting with the children, such as running with them, taking time to talk and play with them, and adivise the children on the traditions and customs of Uganda.

In October 2011, Kids of Africa celebrated our 6th Anniversary. Part of the celebration was a running race. On the 23rd October, 2011, Kids of Africa hosted our first Run for Fun. They expected 300 participants to run through the Bwerenga community. With the assistance of Activate Uganda Ltd., the 5km and 10km we hope that the Run for Fun will be an annual event. It is the Director, Tage Bodulfsen’s wish that our children’s village will be known as a sports village. The children have been active in seeing the positive benefits of sports: learning sportsmanship, teamwork, making friends, improving health, and most important, confidence and self-esteem building.

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