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Waterbuck by Nicole Erlendsson

Waterbuck - Photo by Nicole Erlendsson

Baby Bushbuck Photo by Thomas White (Freelance Photographer based in Kampala, Uganda) Website:
sunset in lake Mutanda

Featured Photo Feb 2016 - Sunset in Lake Mutanda Photo Taken By Cecilia Guridi (Chilean Photographer)
Purple Creasted Turaco by Nicole Erlendsson

Featured Photo Nov 2015 - Purple Crested Turaco Photos taken by Nicole Erlendsson
The eye magazine wins Uganda-Tourism excellence Award
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Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) held the first ever Uganda Tourism Excellence Awards at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday 20 November 2015.  The...
Chimpanzee Image by Magda Sadkowska

Our Featured Photo for August 2015 Chimpanzee - by Magda Sadkowska
Shoebill Stork

Our Featured photo for May 2015: "SHOEBILL STORK " by Iain Dunbar
Photo - Sailing - by Gustav Gonget

Our Featured photo for February 2015: "SAILING" by Gustav Gonget

Water Lily Photo by Sherry McKelvie
Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider taken by Mark Dudley.