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The British Business Association of Uganda (BBAU) was initially founded some 30 years ago by the British High Commission in Kampala as a forum for discussion with the senior managers of British companies here at that time. Over the years it has evolved and it became a separate independent association in the late 1990’s.

In 2002 I was asked to join it and create a website for it to replace the annual handbook of members. The website (www.bba-uganda.org) has become a considerable success as a way of promoting British owned or managed companies in Uganda, being readily found in random searches about Ugandan business on the major search engines. As such the website is one of the most important in Uganda for companies worldwide seeking business contacts in Uganda and all businesses with a British management or British agencies based in Uganda and wishing to attract either local or overseas interest are recommended to join us.

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For many years the British Business Association has held lunch or evening meetings primarily to allow members to meet and exchange information and opinions about aspects of business in Uganda. These regular meetings continue to take place every two or three months and are not only an opportunity to discuss business, but also an excellent opportunity to expand your social circles.

Recently, at the suggestion of the British High Commission, the British Business Association formalised its existence by registering as a limited company – British Business Association Uganda Ltd with a committee and board of directors totaling of seven people. This makes as eligible to carry out assignments that are from time to sub contracted by the High Commission this includes introducing visiting company representatives to potential commercial partners and helping companies from the UK to increase their exports and to develop business opportunities in Uganda.

The British Business Association Uganda Ltd is in regular contact with the British High Commission here in Kampala as well as with the UK Trade & Investment representative for East Africa based in Nairobi as well as the British Business Association of Kenya based in Nairobi and the British Business Group of Tanzania based in Dar es Salaam. Membership of the British Business Association Uganda Ltd puts you in touch with other British owned or managed businesses throughout East Africa.

New members are always welcome. Membership comprises of CEOs and senior management of companies, businesses & organisations that have headquarters in Uganda or Britain or who are managers of companies that are official agents or representatives of British companies and of British citizens who are CEOs or senior managers of any company with offices in Uganda. Membership can be either corporate or individual. Corporate membership costs 300,000shs per year and allows all the company management to participate in functions, gives a free page on the web site www.bba-uganda.organd gives a company two vote at any meeting. Individual membership costs 100,00shs per year and only allows the individual to participate in functions and a single vote at meetings. A page on the web site can be provided for individual members if specifically requested and is subject to a small web page design fee.

To join or enquire about the British Business Association of Uganda please send an email to info@bba-uganda.org.

John Griffin – Secretary, British Business Association Uganda Ltd

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