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UGANDA, the beauty and some beasts” (Author, Andy Gooch)

Review by Colin Barnard

Before I attempt to describe this beautifully produced book to you, let me first admit that I know Gooch! This cannot be a detached and dispassionate revue, as together with his many long suffering friends; I have been involved in Gooch’s trials and tribulations in bringing this book to reality.The result reflects the man! This is not just another coffee table collection of pretty pictures; this is a journey both for the creator and the reader.

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We join Gooch on a safari through Uganda’s most popular and sometimes less well known game parks, revelling in the glory of both the variety and beauty, of Uganda’s unique mix of flora and fauna. If it stopped there this book would already be notable for its beautiful photography, and the thoughtful way the images have been compiled, but this is Gooch remember!

Just take a look at the expression on the faces of the shoe bill stork, and the mud stained buffalo, and Gooch’s sense of humour shows through, Look at the way the images of elephant, lion, buffalo, primates, and buck interplay with Uganda’s stunning flowers, birdlife, and insects, and you will understand that this has been compiled by a man who truly loves every aspect of the diverse natural experience Uganda has to offer.

Wonderful vistas across Lake Mburo, and the Albertine rift, contrast with shots of children playing, and a Matoke man going about his business. Busy streets and trading centres, are featured together with traditional villages and fishermen mending nets. Modern busy townscapes are contrasted with pristine empty rolling hills.

What Gooch offers us isn’t simply a record of Uganda’s wild and human life, it is, like the man himself, an irrepressible romp across the Africa he loves. You don’t simply see Gooch’s photographs, you experience them. Smell the wood smoke, and the feral scents of the bush, feel the hot sun and the cool waters, and listen to the sounds of the silent crater lakes, and the many voices of Africa.
If you can only have one memento of Africa, I recommend “UGANDA the beauty and some beasts should be close to the top of your list.
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