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By Katie Bays

Rwakobo Rock has been operating Bicycling Safaris around Lake Mburo National Park since early 2013. There has been huge interest and plenty of people are choosing this fun new option. Cycling is a great way to get out of the car and into the bush. It connects you more intimately as you smell, hear and see much more of the rich life around you.

ISU international school of Uganda -

The rides are tailored to individuals needs and all rides go with a guide. There are trails ranging from 1 hour to ‘as long as you can last rides! ‘. Trails are primarily along flat valley bottoms where wildlife is abundant and there is good visibility. However, for the more experienced mountain biker there are plenty of challenging stretches and alternative routes possible. The great thing about cycling is that you are able to go wherever you feel and are not restricted by roads. We highly recommend taking a backpack of (cold beers/ tea & coffee). It is also much more enjoyable in the cooler hours of the day.

The bikes are tough, high quality bikes designed to tackle the terrain. There are 10 mountain bikes, with mudguards (in case of rain), and comfortable suspensions. For longer rides, reasonable levels of fitness are required. Watch out for thorns, we use liners and slime in the tyres but it is still wise to be careful. We advise riders to take plenty of water and sunscreen.

Expect to see zebra, impala, warthogs, topi, and waterbuck on rides and if you are lucky maybe a hyena or some eland. There is a resident hippo that obliging yawns as sunset approaches.


Costs outside LMNP – 10$ pp.

Costs inside LMNP   –$25 Non-residents (10$ -lodge, $15 – UWA fee, plus entrance fees)

NB: UWA fees are lower for residents and citizens.


Cycling Safaris (Rwakobo Rock)
Mobile: +256 755 211771 / +256 755 211643.
Email: info@rwakoborock.com / chris@rwakoborock.com. Website: www.rwakoborock.com

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