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Best of Jinja Digital Awards

Best of Jinja Digital Awards Article by Anthony Thompson

Ever want to know which restaurant in Jinja has the best coffee? how about the best chips or the best ice cream?
There’s now a tried and true way to help determine that — YOU!!! Best of Jinja Digital Awards is a consumer-based award; giving customers the opportunity to vote for the best food items in Jinja. The aim of the award is to promote food tourism online via local restaurants. After nomination, 5 restaurants in each category are announced and customers can then vote which restaurant should win the prestigious award. Award perks are forthcoming but will include bragging rights for 1 year, radio promotion, digital marketing consultancy, sponsored listing on Jinja 1st food delivery platform BodaBe and much more.

ISU international school of Uganda -

The creators of the awards say that although they are focused on food, these awards can have a lot of applications to other areas, but they will take their time and build on the focus for this year.

All the voting is done online via polls in a Facebook group that was set up specifically for that reason.

Voting will end on 30th October and winners will be announced on 15th November.
Check out the page and follow all the updates at https://tinyurl.com/bojdigitalawards



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