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Banff mountain film Festival Uganda

The Banff Mountain Film Festival Uganda!

By Jenny Farmer

The Banff Mountain film festivalFlying in a wing suit through a mountain archway, unclimbed mountain peaks and unexplored canyons, friction and fighting on Mount Everest, a 14 year old girl sailing solo around the world, mountain running, Colorado river visual poetry, paragliding skiing- it’s the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2013/2014!

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The Banff Mountain Film Festival is held annually in Alberta, Canada. It began almost 40 years ago, put together by a group of outdoor fanatics, looking to pass the time between their summer’s climbing season and winter skiing. The films from the festival are now shown at more than 750 screenings across 43 countries. Last year Uganda held its first screening of the Banff films, only the second country in Africa to do so.Banff Film festival

Each year a range of films related to mountains are submitted to the Festival. The films all capture the spirit of being in some of the greatest wild places of the world, whilst presenting beautiful cinematography. Films are first shown at the main Festival event in Alberta, covering nine days in November. Following this the films are then showcased around the globe as part of a World Tour. Skiing, climbing, mountaineering, base jumping, biking and many other sports are included, coupled with fantastic camera work and inspiring soundtracks!DSC_1048

The Grand Prize Winner of this years Festival was ‘North of the Sun’, a film about two Norwegians who built a cabin out of washed-up sea debris and lived there for a winter skiing and surfing. The Festival judges described it as “If it’s possible to have a perfect adventure film then this year’s Grand Prize Winner comes about as close as you can get. A highly original adventure that’s captured in a film planned to perfection: a wonderful story, engaging personalities, breath-taking camera work, and expertly edited”. As the Festival returns to Uganda this year for its second screening, we can’t wait to showcase ‘North of the Sun’ and a selection of the other films from the World Tour.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Uganda will be held at The National Theatre on the evenings of the 2nd and 9th September, and also the afternoon of 13th September (family friendly). For more information check out www.facebook.com/banff.uganda, email banffuganda@gmail.com or take a sneak peek at the trailers for the 2013 Festival winners at http://www.banffcentre.ca/mountainfestival/competitions/film/2013/

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