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The Rwenzori Sculpture Gallery

Perfectly located in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains lies Rwenzori Founders’ Art Centre. A must-see attraction for the discerning traveller in beautiful western Uganda, the centre is ventive use of recycled and local materials whilst also providing a dynamic modeconveniently placed just off the main road from Kasese to Fort Portal and comprises a sculpture gallery, coffee bar and workshops.

This spectacular, award-winning complex sits in harmony with its recently restored natural landscape and makes inrn space for viewing sculpture. The coffee bar terrace offers a comfortable place to relax and enjoy rolling views of the Mountains of the Moon.

ISU international school of Uganda -

In the gallery, pure white Ugandan marble carvings rub shoulders with soapstone and bronze sculptures by a diversity of talented local artists. Specially commissioned for the centre, a series of over thirty Clan Totem animals in bronze are also permanently on show. Capturing the magnificence of iconic species such as Elephant, Lion, Buffalo and Hippo, the series also includes more elusive creatures like the Pangolin. These remarkable works are all inspired by the people, culture, wildlife and beauty of Uganda and make the perfect memento to mark an unforgettable journey.

The gallery boasts a unique connection with the only foundry in Uganda solely dedicated to casting sculpture. Visitors will be treated to a stunning display of works cast and exquisitely finished in our adjacent studios by talented local craftsmen. Depending on availability, it may also be possible to tour the workshops for a modest $5 donation to the Ruwenzori Sculpture Foundation which supports Rwenzori Founders.

Set up in 2004 with with the aim of enabling cultural and educational exchanges between artists in Africa and the UK, this Charitable Foundation funds scholarships and specific projects, providing facilities, materials, training and infrastructure to achieve these objectives.

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