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AA Convention 2018

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Uganda Convention 2018 to be held in November: 1st – 4th Nov 2018 at the St. Augustines Students’ Center, Makerere University, Kampala. In Cooperation with AL-ANON.  Contact info: +256704935251 | Email: convention@aa-uganda.org | web: www.aa-uganda.org/
History of Alcoholics Anonymous 
Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935 in Akron, Ohio at a meeting of New York stockbroker Bill W. and Akron surgeon Dr. Bob in the home of non-alcoholic Henrietta Seiberling—the Gate Lodge of the Stan Hywet estate. The two set about helping others and the first to hear their message was an Akron suburban attorney named Bill D. His release date from the hospital, July 4, 1935 is said to be the beginning of the first AA group although this was a subdivision of the Oxford Group, a Scripture-based movement from which AA evolved… Read More →

AA Hotline Number
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Hotline Number: +256757623417 / +256 752 623 106

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