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Adventure Tourism Uganda - Quad biking along river nile Jinja

Adventure Tourism and Sightseeing – beside & on the River Nile near JinjaSouth Eastern Uganda – By Peter Knight

Jinja has long been associated with adventure tourism, especially white-water rafting which first started in 1996.

In 2003 I first coined the phrase ‘Jinja – East Africa’s Adventure Capital.
Since the early 2000’s, a number of other companies have set up operation providing services such as kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding), mountain-biking, horseback safaris, boat cruises and ATV Quadbike Safaris.

ISU international school of Uganda -

Adventure Tourism & Sightseeing – River Nile Jinja, Uganda

White Water Rafting, is still the main attraction for many visitors to the area, however it should be noted that by the end of 2018, almost all of the big rapids, except those above Itanda Falls (also known as ‘The Bad Place, an outstanding set of Grade 6 and Grade 5 set rapids), will be submerged with the completion of the Isimba Dam that will flood the Nile back almost all the way to Itanda (or from the west bank, Kalagala) Falls.

All Terrain Adventures

A quote from several of these clients; “The best quad-bike safaris in Africa at the best prices in the World”
All Terrain Adventures first started operation in June 2002 and have taken many thousands of people on their drive-yourself, guided ATV Quadbike Safaris.

They offer a variety of safaris from Kids Quads for children from 7 to 12 years old on supervised circuits, short easy safaris that all the family can manage, even very young children can come on these safaris as they can ride either with their parents or with highly experienced guides. Their safety record is exceptional.

Adventure Tourism Uganda - Quad biking along river nile Jinja

Adventure Tourism Uganda - Quad biking along river nile Jinja


Easy to learn and easy to ride: Quad-bikes (also known as All Terrain Vehicles) are fitted with 4 very large tyres, have very positive steering, a short wheelbase and are very difficult to tip over (you really have to be trying hard to do that!). They are all maintained with regular daily and monthly checks. The guides have all been working with the company for many years.

Before the start of each safari; after kitting out (protective clothing including overalls, helmet, goggles and bandana are provided in all sizes; there is a Safety Briefing before starting to ride on the 3 Training / Practice circuits. The safaris only start after everyone can efficiently manage all 3 circuits.

You are advised to bring your own closed shoes (for safety you must wear closed footwear while riding) but if you don’t have any them we can provide gumboots and socks for most sizes. The guides carry lots of bottled water with them and so the only thing you need to bring are (optionally) a camera and a big smile.

For the more adventurous there are 2 longer safaris, the Explorer Safari and the River Nile Safari. The Explorer safari has an easy start but optionally includes more challenging sections, plus lots of time for sightseeing and as per the advertising, a chance to get ‘off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Uganda.’

The River Ride Safari provides even more challenges including steep climbs, descents and stream crossings, as well as stops with great views over the Nile.

Adventure Tourism Uganda - Quad biking along river nile Jinja
The other unique safari that All Terrain Adventures offers is the Twilight Safari, starting at around 4.45pm and normally finishing around 8.30pm. It follows the route of the Explorer Safari and at that time of the evening, the sunset views across the Nile are exceptional. Then there is a traditional Ugandan banquet with the Owori family in Kyabirwa Village before returning to our base using headlights along the trails, back to a warm welcome at the main site by the main gate at Bujagali Falls.

The Wetter the better
-because of the 4 large tyres, Quadbikes ‘float over mud rather than get stuck in it. Come on a sunny morning after a rainy night for the best possible experience.

For detailed information see the All Terrain Adventures website at www.atadventures.com


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