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4Africa Uganda article by Dorothy Adima

4Africa Uganda is an organisation that was started in 2011 by two passionate Norwegian women with a shared vision, namely that of improving the life conditions of poor Ugandan/HIV positive women through training them in handcraft products.
 With the skills gained, these Ugandan women are now able to make quality products, which are sold, to high-end market customers, with the income earned enabling them to enjoy a sustainable and improved life.

ISU international school of Uganda -

For a long time, Africa has depended on aid from more developed countries and this often paralyzed the local economy and negatively impacted upon people’s mindset. 4Africa evolved with the approach of local economic empowerment as being one of the ways to eradicate poverty among Ugandan women, rather than them depending on aid.

4Africa From Aid to business by Mona Norday

4Africa From Aid to business image by Mona Norday

4Afirca Uganda handbag image by Julie pike

4Afirca handcrafted handbag – Image by Julie pike

4Africa works closely with voluntary designers from Norway, who support in the product development process and this enables us to produce fashionable products that are highly competitive on the global market.
Beside training women with skills in making these high quality, handicraft products, the organisation provides nutritious meals to them, and a well-equipped daycare centre where the mothers can keep their children while they are at work. The women are also equipped with the basic business and life skills, to complement the practical ones. We use locally accessible and available, eco-friendly materials to design beautiful clutch purses, bracelets, necklaces and baby dolls in various animal images.

The organisation has trained more than 50 women, equipping them with the skills to make high-quality jewellery and crotchet products. We empower marginalized groups of women from the Kampala suburbs, plus a church group in Kanyanya and Acholi quarter – a group of war-displaced women. The operations office is in Mutungo Zone 4.

Our products are sold to high-end shops, lodges and hotels.
These are some of the outlets where we sell our products in Uganda; 4Africa shop in Mutungo, Banana Boat, Serena Kigo, Chobe Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge, Bold Shop, Definition Africa, Aid of a Child at the equator, Maridadi Crafts, Birds Nest, Kijani, and 2friends.  In Kenya, we sell to Spinners Web, Angama Lodge, And beyond and in Tanzania, we sell to Kumi. We also export to over 50 outlets in Norway and the USA.

4Africa Handcrafted Handbags image by Mona Norday

4Africa Handcrafted Handbags image by Mona Norday

We have continued to receive positive feedback from our esteemed customers, and their stated satisfaction regarding the timely delivery and quality of our products has been very encouraging. We are eager to sell to more customers because we have the capacity to do so; this will enable us to support more groups of women and hence become even more sustainable.


  • To become fully self-sustainable during 2019, using sales proceeds and self-generated profits to run the organization.
  • To support more individuals and groups of women through empowering them and providing them with handicraft skills and work.
  • To expand our market in the USA and to enter other European markets, enabling us to support more women with work.


4Africa Uganda

Dorothy Adima, Admin. Coordinator/ manager.
Mobile: +256 774 749543 / +256 705 487480.
Email: dorothy@4africa.no

Olivia Rena Nantongo, Ass. Admin. Coordinator/ manager.
Mobile: +256 705 729 995
Email: olivia@4africa.no
Facebook: 4Africa
Website: https://4africa.no/english/Column content

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